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Silicon Artist's PROTOxPress™ service helps reduce project risk by allowing you to validate your design in silicon before paying for a full mask set. By using multi-project wafer technology from industry leading suppliers, Silicon Artist can quickly produce your IC prototypes. Customers may purchase up to 2,000 of these prototype parts, in the package of their choice, for a fraction of the cost of a full-mask-set prototype wafer run. Silicon Artist also offers a full range of custom prototyping services through the PROTOxPress™ program.

As market pressures, mask costs and cycle times for advanced IC technologies continue to increase, the financial and time-to-market imperative of "right the first time" becomes a matter of survival. In many cases, a low cost, fast turnaround path to prototype units may be the only way to guarantee successful production.

Silicon Artist™ addresses this need with its PROTOxPress™ service. PROTOxPress™ allows you to provide engineering samples to your customers (and your engineering team) at the earliest possible time. You no longer need to deal with the performance uncertainties of an FPGA-based prototype. Before placing a volume order, you get your design, in your package, validated in your system.

You also reduce the risk associated with re-spins due to design and/or IP integration issues. At 28nm, those risks can be substantial; the cost of PROTOxPress™ validation before release to production can be half of the cost of a full production re-spin. PROTOxPress™ allows you to "silicon verify" all of your IP before production begins.

Features & Benefits
* PROTOxPress™ is designed to minimize the time, effort and manpower required for prototypes
* Using multi-project wafer technology, Silicon Artist drives down the cost of your prototype units
* We also can provide a comprehensive range of engineering services that reduces your team's time and effort required to migrate approved prototypes to full production manufacturing

The steps that occur in every PROTOxPress™ engagement include:
* Validation of the design's manufacturability
* Enhancement/remediation of design manufacturability

In short, Silicon Artist provides everything you need for a fast and reliable rapid prototyping engagement using the most advanced multi-project wafer technology.

Silicon Artist is currently accepting PROTOxPress™ engagements.

Silicon Artist supports a wide variety of package vendors and package types for PROTOxPress™ devices as well as bare die and back lapped die for customer assembly. Individual orders of between 40 and 2000 prototypes are welcomed.

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