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Digital Design and
Analog Block Design
and Layout

IC Production Consulting

In the ASICxPress™ engagement model, Silicon Artist provides both IC design & supply chain consulting services to our customers. Customers perform the logic design and then provide Silicon Artist with a netlist and timing requirements. We will manage the entire process, from netlist handoff to delivery of packaged, tested parts.

Silicon Artist's experienced design team takes responsibility for the physical implementation, and our seasoned manufacturing operations management will oversee fabrication, assembly, test, and product engineering through prototype delivery, product qualification and production shipments.

Standard Silicon Artist Services included with an ASICxPress™ Netlist Handoff engagement

  • Design for Test and Scan Chain Optimization Consultation
  • Physical Implementation (Floor Planning, P&R) & ECO
  • Parasitic Extraction, Post-Layout Timing Verification
  • Pre and Post-Layout Formal Verification
  • Design and Signal Integrity Analysis (Crosstalk, IR Drop and Electro-migration)
  • Pin-out and Power/Ground Distribution Analysis
  • Simultaneous Switching Output Analysis
  • Substrate Noise Analysis
  • GDS-II Generation, Layout Verification & Design Rule Checking

Plus all the services we provide to our COTxPress™ customers, including:

  • Mask Set Generation
  • Test Program Generation
  • Wafer Sort, Final Test, Characterization, and QA Test Program Development
  • Prototype Test, Product Characterization, and Reliability Test
  • Load Board, Probe Card, Socket and Package Custom Tooling
  • Burn-In Board & Socket
  • Tester Access for Test Development
  • Manufacture, Test and Shipment of Prototypes
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