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Silicon Artist IC Production Consulting services includes post production capabilities including: testing, analysis, and reliability qualification services. We are capable of providing turn-key FA analysis, testing and qualifications for large projects or accomplishing single event analysis services. IC Manufacturing outsourcing is the solution for fabless and IDM semiconductor companies looking to reduce cost, time, and overhead.

Silicon Artist is pleased to provide the following post production services:

Reliability Qualification Testing
The purpose of reliability testing is to ensure that products are properly designed and assembled by subjecting them to stress conditions that accelerate potential failure mechanisms. Reliability test methods are defined in many industrial standards, such as MIL-STD-883 and JEDEC STD-22.

Silicon Artist provides for the following reliability qualification test services:
* HAST (Highly Accelerated Temperature and Humidity Stress Test)
* Thermal Shock (Liquid to Liquid)
* Autoclave or Pressure Cooker Test
* Temperature Cycling (TC) Air to Air
* Temperature Humidity Bias Lifetest 85C/85%
* Humidity-Bias Test (THB)
* HTOL (High Temperature Operating Lifetest) / Burn-in
* High-Temperature Storage Life Test (HTSL)
* Bias Life Test (BLT)
* Preconditioning
* Real Time Thermal Profiling
* Solderability
* Fine and Gross Leak Testing (Seal)

ESD and Latch-up Testing
Silicon Artist can support any post manufacturing ESD and Latch-up testing requirements. In addition to reliability testing, we can provide ESD and Latch-up failure analysis to identify events and point of entry using the latest in fault isolation techniques, including:
* Human Body Model (HBM) testing
* Machine Model (MM) testing
* Charged Device Model (CDM) testing
* Latch-up testing

FIB Circuit Modifications
Silicon Artist is with you throughout your IC project. Even if ever the unthinkable interferes with you project schedule. The FIB systems we work diligently to never have to use provide for platinum metal deposition, dielectric insulator deposition, and enhanced etch chemistries. If needed we can provide for:

Circuit Modifications - Copper and latest geometry technology modifications. Cut and jump IC modification is a cost efficient method to debug and make design changes prior to re-masking.

Probe Pads - Deposit probe points for electrical characterization that are not accessible via conventional probing techniques.

Wire Bond Pads - Deposit wire bonding pads for high current modifications.

Precision Cross Sections - Perform precision cross sections with sub micron accuracy. Cross section photo resist, MEMS, and biological structures that do not lend themselves to conventional mechanical cross section techniques.

TEM sample preparation - Thin cross section samples for subsequent TEM imaging.

Failure Analysis
* Device Level FA
* System Level FA
* Light Emission Microscopy (LEM)
* Thermal Infrared Imaging
* Externally Induced Voltage Alterations (XIVA)
* Transmission Line Pulse Testing (TLP)
* DC Characterization
* Mechanical Microprobe
* Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
* Energy Depressive Spectroscopy (EDS)
* High Resolution Real Time X-ray Imaging
* High Resolution Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM)
* Wire Bond and Solder Ball Bond Strength Testing
* Device Construction Analysis
* Sample Preparation Services

  • Backside Sample Milling
  • Parallel Lapping
  • Cross-section
  • Device Decapsulation
  • Plasma Etching
  • Laser Cutting
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